CND Brisa Lite™ Gel

Brisa Lite is the first removable gel that is safe, colour stable and provides three weeks wear. Whether you're using the Smoothing Gel System or the Sculpting Gel System, Brisa Lite instills serious "beauty confidence" by creating a complete set of natural-looking, perfect nails.

Todays modern, well educated women that have imperfect nails, are resistant to having traditional acrylics and gels because they can be a pain to remove, they are a challenge to look natural and no matter what any one says, removing surface shine or buffing the natural nail plate can damage your nail if done improperly and even if it's just a teeny-weeny bit.

Brisa Lite changes all this. It's formulated using Brisa's toughness and durability combined with Shellac's removal technologies. The technology delivers long wear and flexibility and the addition of solvents promotes removability allowing it to be taken off in pretty much the same way as Shellac, using Shellac Nourishing Remover. Plus the base coat technology, which also aids easy removal, also means increased adhesion.

**Brisa Lite is ideal for those few ladies who struggle to keep Shellac on due to weak or bendy nails. Brisa Lite can be applied under Shellac to provide extra strength and can also be used to extend nails safely with NO FILING OF THE NAIL PLATE before application**

Brisa Lite Smoothing Gel

Does not extend length but smooths out the nail and adds strength (which will help nails grow longer as the added strength helps to prevent chipping, flaking and snapping off)

Full set under Shellac £5
As a Gel overlay  £25

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